Fratellanza means brotherhood

And we are indeed brothers

But beyond that, we lead a troupe of theater artists. We start each project with an ensemble and a question about one of the mysterious corners of the human heart. Making the show is our way of satisfying that curiosity. But we are never sated. That is why we do live theater. That is why at some point along the way, we welcome audiences to search with us.

photo by Chris Knauer

Paul Manganello co-founded Fratellanza and his work with the company has taken him from undercover investigations in America's first vineyards to acrobatics in a church in Galway. He recently revived his one-man show Zealous Whig in Chicago under the auspices of Pursuit Productions; and he frequently teaches workshops in Detroit for actors, movers, and performers of all kinds. Paul received a Fulbright to study at Scuola Teatro Dimitri in Switzerland, and he graduated from École Lassaâd in Brussels.

photo by Costa Sirdenis

photo by Costa Sirdenis

James Manganello co-founded Fratellanza and the company has had him dangling from the catwalks of a former film studio in Detroit and tumbling on the cobblestones of Edinburgh. He's currently working on Knowing Women, a savage version of Moliere's Les Femmes Savantes, and a project for young audiences starring Detroit youth. James is the Emerging Artist-Director at Scottish Opera in 2016-17. He trained with Paola Coletto in Chicago and Lassaâd Saïdi in Brussels.