Untitled Project 2018

Fratellanza's next project, currently in development for a 2018 Detroit debut, is a meditation on the Midwest and the people who live there.

Photographs: Eben Mannes

How DID we GET here?

Fratellanza spent the final week of 2016 with four actors, creating scenes about life in the Midwest.

The king has died. An unlikely group of guests at a barbecue faces the apocalypse. Lost in a grassy abandoned lot, they survive by collectively acting out our most primal human emotions.

A woman fights to traverse the yard space, the ensemble obstructing her tooth and nail; another weeps as she is piled with gifts; a bearded man in a kilt breaks down, doubting his masculinity. These images fueled the first steps in what will become a show about a particular place at a particular moment in time.

This project takes a poetic look at the crisis defining our time, and it's way bigger than the economy.