String Up The Moon

Here is the sky billowing before me; a little star shines in the distance; a forest races by with dark trees and a crescent moon; blue mist spreads under my feet; a string twangs in the mist. Is that my house blue in the distance?

Visual artist Reed Esslinger built an enormous desk--or was it a Russian dome--or was it a ship? In any case, crawling under, over and on it, String Up the Moon explores the consuming effect of desire. Both an adaptation of tales by Gogol and Pushkin and an original, dark tone poem on dreams and madness. 

Photographs by Costa Sirdenis



Risk-taking and courage, exhibited by talented theater artists who have boldly created something unconventional.
— Jenn McKee, Encore Michigan


Devising ensemble Samuel Blake, Jim Manganello, Paul Manganello, Sango Tajima

Designer Reed Esslinger

Composer Michael Malis

Premiere September 5, 2013 at PuppetART in Detroit

Also played at the Jam Handy as part of the Detroit Design Festival and the Michigan Legacy Art Park